Champions Inc., The "We`re Coming Back" EP 7" (lim. 200, splatter)

The Champions Incorporated are a 6 piece reggae act hailing from San Jose, California. They play a unique fusion of reggae, ska, rock-steady and Northern Soul. That coupled with female lead vocals makes the Champions Incorporated stand out amongst other reggae revivalist groups. In the span of roughly 5 years, the group has shared the stage with a variable "Who`s who" of the reggae and ska world. Respected and followed the world over, the Champions Incorporated continue to pursue their love of music and to distribute their unique sound to the masses. Contra 2015

Coollectors Info:
100 x Black
200 x SOLID `BONE` with LOTS & LOTS of SOLID `OXBLOOD` Splatter
200 x tricolor
10 x Testpress

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