Zero 1 "A country fit for zero`s" MCD (lim. 300)

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A one off pressing only of just 300 copies. Zero 1 was formed in Hull, England late 1997 by Proc (vocals) and brothers Snaz (drums) and Dave (Guitar). Mainly rehearsing as a three piece before Jimbo of Freaks Union stood in on bass for their first gig at the Haworth Punk `n` Oi! all-dayer the following year. Bassist Pete then joined the band in time for their second gig supporting Duglas at the Adelphi in Hull a month later. After a further gig supporting Assert and Swellbelly`s the band released a 6-track demo called A Country Fit for Zeros. Heavily Oi! influenced sounds tackling subjects of corruption, crime and violence. The band played their final gig in Leicester before splitting up in 1999. Snaz went on to play with RazorCut in Aus, Proc rejoined Slander and Pete joined The Undefeated. Step-1 2016

Rip Off Britain
City Of Fear
Private Army
Contract On America
Feel The Pain
Stand and Fight

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