Vanilla Muffins "The drug is football" LP (lim. 200, black)

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VANILLA MUFFINS is the best band in the world! These are not our words, but they might as well be, because the Swiss Sugar Oi! legends definitely delivered one of the all-time favorite Oi! records out there: “THE DRUG IS FOOTBALL”! Officially licensed by Knock-Out Records, “The Drug Is Football” is finally available again in its full glory through REBELLION RECORDS since 2003! Pure brilliance!

200 black
200 blue
100 gold
22 Testpressing (sleeved up)

Side A
01. Brigade Loco
02. The Pride Of The North I
03. The Gang From Kannenfeldpark
04. All Roads Lead To Rome
05. 3 Comrades
06. Want Some Gas, That’s All!
07. The Mob From Kannenfeldpark

Side B
01. Viva El Fulham
02. You’re Just Ugly
03. No Punkrock In My Car
04. The Drug Is Football
05. Mexican Radio
06. The One And Only
07. The Pride Of The North II
08. Streetrock Rules The World

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