V/A Oi! "This is Streetpunk Vol. 5" LP (lim. 1000 black w. silver/gold splatter)

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Putting the first one of these compilations together five years ago, who would`ve known that they would be received so well, allowing Pirates Press Records to continue putting these out year after year; strong lineup after strong lineup, with virtually no repeats. This 12" record comes with a 3", woven patch, making it a total 15", the real deal, staying true with the gimmick of the previous editions. Like its predecessors having been released on 11/11/11, 12/12/12, 3/13/13, 4/14/14, this one is to be released on 5/15/15. LP includes digital download. Pirates Press 2015

Pressing Info:
200pcs. - 12" Black w/ Special Jacket on Grey Stock Vinyl (Mailorder Version)
800pcs. - 12" Silver Vinyl (Flex Version)
1000pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl w/ White Splatter Vinyl (Retail Version#1)
1000pcs. - 12" Black Vinyl w/ Gold & Silver Splatter Vinyl (Retail Version#2)

1. Razorcut - Fighting Spirit
2. Black Ball - Running From You
3. Grade 2 - Nothing To Lose
4. Reducers SF - For All The Times
5. Bats Out - Flying Blind
6. Workin` Stiffs - Painting My Nails
7. Brick Assassin - Ruled By You
8. Plan Of Attack - Take The Pain

9. Darkbuster - No Fear
10. Roadside Bombs - Angry People
11. Generators - Castaways
12. Rile 9 Collective - Delusional
13. Victory - Enemy Of The State
14. Antagonizers ATL - Dead To Us
15. The Struggle - Once Bitten

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