Razorblade "Music for Maniacs" LP (gold vinyl, lim. 100, DL code)

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2nd edition 2014: 100x red vinyl, 100 x gold vinyl, 50 x black vinyl (cover artwork changed a little bit)

1st edition 2008: 250 x black vinyl

Ring frei zur vierten Runde! Holland’s Nackenbrecher RAZORBLADE treten erneut in den Ring und präsentieren ein weiteres Album mit gewalttätigem Straßensound der Schnittmenge CONDEMNED 84/SHEER TERROR, aggressiv und kompromißlos. Die Jungs sind sich (und ihrem Mob) seit ihrer Gründung 2001 treu geblieben, „Music for maniacs“ wartet wieder mit brachialen Skinhead-Hymnen voller Adrenalin & Alkohol auf. 10 Songs der Wutstufe 10. Keine Gnade, keine Gefangenen, Music from maniacs for maniacs. Texte überwiegend in englisch, einmal in Landessprache.


1. Music for maniacs
2. Wolves in sheeps clothes
3. We are just a skinhead band
4. Den Bosch
5. Let`s get drunk*
6. Dead Stares
7. Trend
8. B.O. (instrumental)
9. De waarheid uit Brabant
10. Insomnia
11. Singing and Dancing
12. Niemands Knecht


Razorblade was started in 2001. Eversince the band has made a name for themselves as a brutal, hard as nails oi! band. “Music For maniacs” is the 4th full-length album and again filled with 100% aggressive, alcoholic-fueled streetsounds. Bands that come to mind listening Razorblade are Condemned 84, Sheer Terror, 4 –skins and the Business. Nothing new but authentic and real! Razorblade is playing all over Europe on some of the bigger punk events. For the new album release shows are scheduled in Holland, Germany (1 fest with Cock Sparrer and 1 show in Wegeleben) /, Czech Rep (w Discipline). and Italy (w Last Resort)

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