Los Fastidios "So rude, so lovely" CD

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"So rude, so lovely". love and hate, the eternal contrast. love and emotion for your girlfriend, for your music, for your attitude, for your style. hatred for the hypocrisy of the two-faced liars. love and hatred for your town, the town that does not want you, but that, day after day, year after year, you regain the love for. These are the contents of the three tracks opening the new Los Fastidios EP, coming out eight months after the last album "Let`s do it". Two brand new songs "So rude, so Lovely "and "Hey you are" plus a revival of the old "La nostra città" revisited in a new ska version. Sounds ranging from the 2tone ska of the opening love song " So rude, so lovely" to the punk rock sound with a touch of melodic hard core of the hate song "Hey you are" moving on to the combat ska reggae sound of "La nostra città". and then the EP continues with the bonus tracks. first the old popular partisan song "Bella Ciao" covered with a touch of the Clash sound (first published recording of this version) and then the four songs "In 1968", "La mia vita", "Corri" and "Dirty Old Town" taken from "Let`s do it" album but for the first time published in new versions with the addition of keyboards by the great De Veggent (ex RedSka). Remember, "Corri" also includes our special guest, rude boy Vacca (top Italian reggae singer).....so rude, so lovely....so Los Fastidios!!!! KOB 2015

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