Live By The Sword "L.B.T.S." EP (lim. 500 black, 70 gramm)

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LIVE BY THE SWORD is Rebellion Records` brand new, international outfit featuring Erick Barnes (STRONGARM AND THE BULLIES) and Wouter Davids (RAZORBLADE, SOULTAMER, SQUALOR), delivering raucous skinhead rock at its best!

Everything about the debut of this Dutch - American connection has "inspired by the classics" written all over it! From the artwork to the sound to the fact that these swordsmen debut with a traditional, two-track, 7" single it all looks, feels and breaths as an ode to the glorious days of the 80`s and early 90`s!

Since it is LIVE BY THE SWORD`s debut single and REBELLION RECORDS` 150th(!) release, we did a slightly different pressing than that you are used from us. The single comes out in a pressing of 500 copies on black vinyl, but comes on extra, heavy-weight 70 grams vinyl and in an extra thick, 350 grams sleeve, making it a collectible release that is build to last!

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