Jack The Lad "Av it!" EP 7" (lim. 150, white)

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Started out in 2013, playing everyone`s favorite Oi! and punk covers from the 80`s by the likes of Cock Sparrer, Blitz and Cockney Rejects, the lads of JACK THE LAD now produced two originals of their own for their debut single on Rebellion Records. You want it? You can `AV IT!` Besides covering Oi! hits from the 80`s, JACK THE LAD`s members` aren`t exactly youngsters anymore either. The lads gained experience in several other, classic, British Oi! and punk bands and that is something that shows on the tracks "You Can Have It" and "Get Up"! Bringing you traditional British Oi! music with a 2015 twist to it, JACK THE LAD`s "AV IT!" is proof that the Oi! and punk scene of the United Kingdom is still alive and kickin` and yet another ace debut by a band from the island on Rebellion Records! Av it! Rebellion 2015

A1: You can have it
B1: Get up

Pressing info:
50x black
150x red
150x white
150x blue
12x testpressing

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