Clockwork Punk #1 Fanzine (RU) (lim. 100, engl.)

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Hey, droog! Do you like old ultra-violence, moloko plus and punk-rock?
So, special for you - fanzine is all about clockwork culture:
- all about music inspired by Clockwork Orange - from British skinheads to crazy Indonesians, from French clowns to Serbian punks, from American hardcore-kids to Japonic oi!-droogs - around 140 bands over the world
- interviews with the most prominent representatives of clockwork punk: The Adicts, Lower Class Brats, The Droogettes, Horrorshow, Cervelli Stanki and Hat Trickers
- the best clockwork-booze which would give you a nice quiet horrorshow, interview with Zagovor Brewery from Moscow and the formula of moloko plus
- bezoomny clockwork tattoo and interview with Tosik from Russian band 210, who has this one
- gig posters and merch in Clockwork Orange style
- some interesting about book and film and many-many more on 96 full-colour printing pages!
Thematic sticker inside!

Limited edition.100pcs Worldwide
made in Russia

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