Booze & Glory - Always On The Wrong Side CD

("Cause We`re Skinheads!" Step 1-Tony zaubert auf seinem Unterlabel 84 Records ein blutjunges Londoner Skinhead-Quartett aus dem Ärmel. Ganz klassisch-traditioneller UK Glatzen-Sound, 9 druckvolle Oi! Stomper im Made in Britain-Gewand. Darunter auch ein nettes Cover vom Oppressed-Smasher "Joe Hawkins". CD kommt in noblem Step 1-Standard mit Hochglanz-Booklet voller Bandphotos und den kompletten Texten. 84 Records 2010)

("Debut album from soon to be well known on the scene Oi! outfit from the great City of London, and about time too!!! 9 very singalong Oi! ditties including an excellent rendition of the Mighty Oppressed`s "Joe Hawkins". The glossy 8 page booklet contains full lyrics and plenty of band pics, clear tray etc" (Label info). Oldfashioned Brickwall Oi! tunes by four young lads! Pure british Skinhead sound with the beloved topics: drinkin` & fightin`, Booze & Glory! 84 Records 2010)

`Cause We`re Skinheads.
We Don`t Fight.
Joe Hawkins.
We Don`t Wanna Change The World.
Working Class Hero.
Ugly faces.
Always On The Wrong Side.

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