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V/A A Tribute to Rancid "Hooligans United" 3xLP (lim. 700, green)


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For over 20 years Rancid has been one of the main driving forces for punk rock around the world. Formed in Berkeley, California in 1991 they quickly became known for their amazing live shows ground breaking albums and relentless touring hard work ethic. They have influenced bands across the globe breaking through language barriers and always pushing unity through music. This album brings together bands from around the world that have been influenced by Rancid one way or another for you see Rancid is the real deal always has been and always will be! Perrito Ska 2015

Side A
1. Anti Flag - Maxwell Murder
2. The Interrupters - The iith Hour
3. Left Alone - Black Derby Jacket
4. The Phenomenauts - Life Won’t Wait (feat. Vic Ruggiero)
5. Death March - I Am Forever
6. Inspector - Ruby Soho
7. Mad Sin - Radio
8. Big D and The Kids Table - Old Friend

Side B
9. Street Dogs - Avenues & Alleyways
10. The Bunny Gang - International Cover up
11. Hola Ghost - Django
12. The Scotch Bonnets - Tropical London
13. Manic Hispanic - My Tia (Adina)
14. Authority Zero - I Wanna Riot
15. Noi!se - Solidarity
16. the Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band - Olympia WA

Side C
17. BrickTop - Dead Bodies
18. El Gran Silencio - Time Bomb
19. The Tossers - Young Al Capone
20. The Independents - Red Hot Moon
21. Rat City Riot - Lock, Step & Gone
22. Johnny Madcap & The Distractions - Daly City Train
23. Koffin Kats - Detroit
24. The Forgotten - Corruption

Side D
25. Deal’s Gone Bad - Antennas
26. Far From Finished - It’s Quite Alright
27. Kevin Seconds - Salvation
28. Mustard Plug - Roots Radicals
29. Potato Pirates - Hyena
30. Los Benders - Up To No Good
31. Good4Nothing - Disconnected
32. Break Anchor - I Am The One
33. Death By Stereo - Rejected (Feat. Skinhead Rob)

Side E
34. Kepi Ghoulie - East Bay Night
35. Voodoo Glow Skulls - The Brothels
36. motel Drive - Motorcycle Ride
37. Rick Thorne - Fall Back Down
38. The Howlers - Don Giovanni
39. The Briggs - Who Would’ve Thought
40. The Triggers - The Wars End
41. The Last Gang - Cocktails
42. Homesick Abortions - Loki

Side F
43. Total Chaos - Nihilism
44. Los Kung Fu Monkeys - Bloodclot
45. The Mahones - Last One To Die
46. Nomads - Disgruntled
47. Los Creepers - St. Mary
48. The Black Rose Phantoms - Tattoo
49. Chosen Ones - Black & Blue
50. The China Wife Motors - Something In The World Today
51. Tokyo Brave - Journey To The End Of The East Bay?

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