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split Hard Evidence / Butcher Boys "same" EP 7" (lim. 300, brown)

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Split EP of two amazing, up and coming, bands Hard Evidence(USA) and Butcher Boys (Australia)! Earlier this year everyone got caught by surprise with the release of Hard Evidence’s debut 12” “Last One Standing”. All eight tracks were all killer, no filler top of the crop melodic streetpunk anthems and on this split EP the band continues to do so with two brand new tracks, “Forgotten” and “Bled Dry”, jam packed with the same power and melody as on their previous release! You don’t want to miss out on these guys ! Butcher Boys cut through the scene like a sharp butcher’s knife with their two debut tracks on last year’s split EP with Hammer And The Nails.Now these guys (you might recognize Alex of The Corps and his significant vocals) are back with again two underground hits titled “Just Us” and “Garbage Man” that contain even more Chiswick Records era, ’77 punkrock worship. If you like The Corps, you definitely need to hear their, soon not so little, side-project! Aussie ruck’n’roll at its finest, but without the slide guitars! Rebellion 2014

1. A1 - HARD EVIDENCE - Forgotten
2. A2 - HARD EVIDENCE - Bled Dry
3. B1 - BUTCHER BOYS - Just Us
4. B2 - BUTCHER BOYS - Garbage Man

Pressing info:
20x testpressing (yellow)
100x black
300x brown
200x oxblood/bone swirl

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