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Knock Out "Sin vergüenza" LP+CD (red Vinyl)

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“Sin vergüenza" ("Without Shame"): The first full album by the skinhead 4-piece from Madrid, Spain. Sharp-edged "Old School" -Skinhead Rock`n`Roll with huge singalongs and strong melodies, mixed here and there with Offbeat parts. Traditional and refreshing at the same time, 10 Spanish-language songs, with a clear position: "Oi! fights racism ". Reminds us of the creative mid eighties when the bands indeed had role models, but not necessarily sounded like this. Model as inspiration and guidance, no blueprint or template. KNOCK OUT mention various models (KOMINTERN SECT, PERKELE, CAMERA SILENS, BOMBARDIERS), but created their own home-brew. Hard to explain, give’em a ear! Besides their own songs, there is also a cover of Laurel Aitken classic „Skinhead“, on guest vocals helps Roddy Moreno (THE OPPRESSED). 10 songs, 10 knock outs. Take it, Bootboy!
Limited vinyl edition of 500 copies with enclosed CD-Version: 125 green, 125 red and 250 on black vinyl.
1.) Juez y vergdugo
2.) Sin vergüenza
3.) Oi! Fights racism
4.) No acepto
5.) Orgullo en la piel
6.) Pasando los anos
7.) Acordes prohibidos
8.) Miseria feat. Hodei Arkada Social
9.) Golpe tras golpe
10.) La guadana
11.) Skinhead

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