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V/A Skins e Punks = T.N.T. CD (Nabat, Dioxina, ARRM, Rappresaglia)

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(Die Italo Oi!/Punk-Compilation überhaupt! Jetzt endlich auf CD erschienen, das Material wurde dazu von den originalen Analog-Bändern entnommen. Skins e Punks = T.N.T. erschien ursprünglich 1983 als 7" auf dem Nabat-eigenen CAS Label und enthält zwei grandiose Nabat-Tracks (inklusive der Hymne "Skin e punk"), zwei stramme Oi!-Fighter von Dioxina, einen wilden Hardcore-Cracker von Rappresaglia (vom 82er Demo) sowie zwei Songs von Arrm (1x Punk & 1x Reggae). Dazu gibt es ein feines Booklet mit satt Infos und Fotos.)

File under: Oi! classics! "Released in 1983 on C.A.S. records, this was an attempt by the labels founders NABAT, to show unity in the growing unrest between punks and skins. Punks being represented on this record by ARRM and RAPPRESAGLA and the skins by NABAT and DIOXINA. Now has been finally re-released on Cd taking the tracks from the original analog masters! This Cd comes with a rich booklet with infos, bios and photos!!

The same time showed Nabat as the protagonists ( if not the promoters ) of the first and second national rallies of Monza and Bologna which got very good recensements by the independent italian music press. These rallies ( where Punk and Skinhead bands played at ) aim was the overcoming of the dividing differences of both movements: " SKIN E PUNK SARANNO UNITI GLI OBBIETTIVI SONO COMUNI QUESTI FOTTUTI PERBENISTI " (translated: skins and punks will be united ,the objectives are common for these fucking people who want to appear respectable) was what Nabat was singing about and one cannot but agree. ~From the NABAT page Website

ARRM`s first song is a great Punk anthem, instead the second is a "neo reggae" song. The RAPPRESAGLIA songs destroy (from their 8 song,1982 demo) and is also their strongest material, if you like blazing, pissed off hardcore. The NABAT songs burn with anger and frustration and are probably the fastest songs they ever released. The DIOXINA songs are powerful and wild OI! Punk anthems so much better than the later release we`ll make on vinyl going in Metal territory...


1) ARRM - combatti per la tua pace
2) ARRM - tu
3) NABAT - skin e punk/generazione 82
4) RAPPRESAGLIA - attack
5) RAPPRESAGLIA - disperazione
6) DIOXINA - siamo noi
7) DIOXINA - a franz"

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