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V/A "A handful of Oi!" LP (lim. 250, black)

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5 bands – 5 countries! 10 exclusive Skinhead Anthems!!! A Handful of Oi is an international Streetpunk/Oi compilation which brings you pure subcultureal acts and vicious singalong anthems for the working class: From the United States, Portland „Chartbusters“ with (ex)-members of Beerzone, Poison Idea or Control (Oi! Oi! Music!/ still drunk) Germany has the youngsters from Aggressive with their melodic Oi-Core hymns „Home“ and „too late“, a brutal punch direct in your face! From France one of the oldest and well known Streetpunk bands are the Warrior kids with 2 new exclusive songs! Boots n all from the United Kingdom are in the british Oi! Tradition like 4 Skins & Business! Aggressive Combat from the heart of the Basque Country bringin the good old 80ies Skinhead sound back!

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