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Booze & Glory "Always On The Wrong Side" LP (clear, lim. 150)

Re-Press 2014

("Cause We`re Skinheads!" Step 1-Tony zaubert auf seinem Unterlabel 84 Records ein blutjunges Londoner Skinhead-Quartett aus dem Ärmel. Ganz klassisch-traditioneller UK Glatzen-Sound, 11 druckvolle Oi! Stomper im Made in Britain-Gewand. Darunter auch ein nettes Cover vom Oppressed-Smasher "Joe Hawkins". Inkl. zwei Bonus-Tracks ("We`re the Boys" & "Swinging Fuckin` Hammers") und Textblatt. Step-1 2014)

("Debut album from soon to be well known on the scene Oi! outfit from the great City of London, and about time too!!! 9 very singalong Oi! ditties including an excellent rendition of the Mighty Oppressed`s "Joe Hawkins". (Label info). Oldfashioned Brickwall Oi! tunes by four young lads! Pure british Skinhead sound with the beloved topics: drinkin` & fightin`, Booze & Glory! Two bonus tracks and lyric sheet! Step-1 2014)

"Always On The Wrong Side"
Side 1
1. We Don`t Wanna Change The World
2. Working Class Hero
3. `Cause We`re Skinheads
4. Antisong
5. Ugly faces.
Side 2
1. London
2. We Don`t Fight
3. Working Class Hero
4. Joe Hawkins.
includes for this vinyl version only.
6. Swinging Fuckin` Hammers
7. We`re the Boys
And full lyric insert.

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