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V/A "Mess with the Best" (Rust, Guv`nors, Revilers,..) DoEP 7"

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(Mess With The Best Vol. 1 is a new 4-way split double 7" of hard edged Punk and Oi! It features 4 bands from 4 corners of the globe, each contributing two new tracks. It is on colored vinyl and will be released by Black Hole in the USA, Pug Music in Australia and Aggrobeat in

Rust, from Australia, come out swinging with ripping guitars and pounding drums. Motorhead love mixed with the fury of Lower Class Brats, APA, etc. The second track has a thicker delivery a la Anti-seen. Tough biker bar stomper. They`ve been around since 2005 and have released LPs on Australia`s Pug Music label, Germany`s Randale Records and are soon to be releasing a 7" and LP on Longshot Records in the USA.

Revilers, from Boston USA, made a lot of top 10 lists with last year`s debut LP. Now they`re back with their raw punch of punk fused rock and roll. “Tell Me” has that Reality Clash feel of the late 90’s. Angry furious rants over raucous guitar lines and solos perpetuate your fists into pumping along. “8 Second Society” is a lower tuned seething tune. The darker feel has a true Oi! delivery.

Guv’nors, from Denmark, have been around since 2000. They`ve released a slew of 7"s on labels like Contra, True Force and Randale, as well as an LP on Contra/Longshot."Mess WIth The Best" boasts two new songs. The mid-paced gritty ditty of city kids in “Punk Rock” kicks off their set. They have an English rock feel like Condemned 84 with a slight glam feel. “Downtown Boogie” picks up the speed considerably for a pub anthem like Cockney Rejects, Toy Dolls and Peter & The Test Tube Babies were hanging out.

Germany`s Cracks & Scars were established in 2009 by former members of Miozän, Souls on Fire, Guts `n` Glory & I Defy. Due to the fact that the influences for Cracks & Scars vary from straight `77 Punk Rock to early eighties hardcore, from good old English Oi! and Streetpunk even to Rock`n Roll, you can imagine that they couldn`t care less about"fittin` in"... The only thing the boys got in mind is to deliver the right soundtrack for raised fists, singalongs and flowing beer down thirsty throats. Gang chants and sincere declarations make “Goin’ Nowhere” an immediate sing along requirement. “Light & Darkness”, the split’s closer, brings a Bonecrusher/Roustabouts sound with a snotty punk vocal line. Again, your head will bounce to this as you raise a pint in cheer. Aggrobeat 2013)

A1 Ex-Girlfriends
A2 Suicide Sunday
The Guv`nors
B1 Punk Rock
B2 Downtown Boogie
C1 Don`t Tell Me
C2 8 Second Society
Cracks & Scars
D1 Goin` Nowhere
D2 Light & Darkness
Hersteller Aggrobeat

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