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Sun City Skins "Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria" 7" EP (lim. 200, gold)

Artikel1762 VON 3289

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("EP from Mexican skinheadrock`n`roll band Sun City Skins, which is called"Viejo Orgullo, Nueva Gloria". Vinyl 4 Bootboys 2014)

Side A:
01. Intro
02. Tu Realidad

Side B:
03. La Vieja Escuela
04. Frente en alto

Pressing info:
100 black
200 gold vinyls
10 testpress

Review Backstreet Battalion:
Suncity Skins is a band from city Hermosillo which is in Mexico and this is their debut. I do not know any band which comes from this area but I know there are some skins because Haggis tour Mexico some years ago. The band plays in three (guitarist Alonso also sings). On EP are three regular song and instrumental intro. Songs are in Spanish and they are called Tu Realidad (Yours Reality), La Vieja Escuela (Old School) and Frente en Alto (Heads Up). Title of the album can be translated like Old Pride, New Glory. The band plays melodic faster music and songs Tu Realidad and La Vieja Escuela are based on very rock guitar (riffs and solo after the singing the verse of the strophe) plus drums which really make songs to go straightforward. The last piece Frente en Alto is most melodic song from the EP. The vocal is changing from shouted parts to normal voice. Definitely top quality for three pieces line-up. Drawn cover hides paper with lyrics, band photos and thankslist (with bands like Orgullo Sur, Badera de Combate butalso US bands like The Warlords or Bricktop). EP is limited to 300 copies (100 black and 200 gold) plus some testpressings. Nice piece which worth support a least for the fact that you surely do not have many bands on vinyl from Mexico at home.

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