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Razors in the night "Never give in!" LP (lim. 205, kellygreen / red splatter)

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(Razors In The Night is an American Oi!/Hardcore band from Boston, MA that formed in 2009. That September, they self-released their debut CD EP “Carry On!” on their own “Horror Business” record label. The EP was soon re-issued by Contra Records out of Germany and Longshot Music in the USA, in February 2010 on limited edition vinyl, including two previously unreleased songs. Now, after extensive touring nationally and abroad, the band has recorded a new full-length release, ‘Never Give In!’, to be co-released by 5 labels world-wide (Longshot Music/Pirates Press Records and Brass City Sounds in the USA, Insurgence Records in Canada and Contra Records in Germany). Featuring 11 songs, both new and a few classics re-recorded better than ever, ‘Never Give In!’ continues to build upon the reputation of Razors In The Night being one of the tightest and catchiest skinhead hardcore bands on the scene. While maintaining a powerful sound, the songs are melodic and full of sing-along choruses. This amazing record in this truly stunning die-cut gatefold package is a release not to be overlooked, and will no doubt help start 2014 off with a bang! Pirate Press 2014)

01. Doored
02. By Your Side
03. Verbal Pollution
04. Out Of Touch
05. Our Will Be Heard
06. Basement Brigade

01. My Boots Are Red
02. FTW
03. Alcoholocaust
04. The Streets
05. Hate LA
06. Frustration
07. Never Give In

50pcs. - Black Vinyl (Promo Version)
115pcs. - Solid Cream w/ Solid Oxblood Splatter (Mailorder Version 1)
115pcs. - Transparent Swamp Green w/ Solid Doublemint Green Splatter (Mailorder Version 2)
115pcs. - Transparent Blood Red w/ Solid Oxblood Splatter (Mailorder Version 3)
205pcs. - Transparent Kelly Green w/ Solid Purple Splatter (Rev Version)
Hersteller Pirates Press

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