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split Smogtown / Teenage Knockouts "Beach City Busters" CD


12,90 €

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SMOGTOWN/TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS- `Split` CD. This CD includes SMOGTOWN`s classic and long out of print `Beach City Butchers` 10" along with SMOGTOWN`s `Switchblade New Wave` track on the V/A- `Viva La Vinyl #3` LP released on Dead Beat. On top of that you get the 8 tracks from the TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS- `Japanese Murdercyles, Guitars and Guns` 10".

SMOGTOWN fans know how hard this 10" is to find. It came out back in `99 and went in and out of print pretty instantly. The 10" was released just after their first two singles on Hostage and long before they signed to Disaster Records. And in my opinion, this is some of the strongest SMOGTOWN material to date.

Backing SMOGTOWN are the TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS. So. Cal. punk fans should know that the TEENAGE KNOCKOUTS contain Buddy and Mike who later went on to form NEON KING KONG with Hot Rod Todd after Le Shok broke up. And after NEON KING KONG imploded Mike and Buddy Moved back to the Cleveland area to form THIS MOMENT IN BLACK HISTORY with Bim from THE BASSHOLES.

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