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7er Jungs "One Pride Fits All" (+ 2 bonus songs) LP (lim. 150 red)

Artikel601 VON 3289
Step-1 Records

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7ER JUNGS One Pride Fits All 12" LP(Plus unreleased bonus songs). We know German Oi! is strong, so STEP 1 MUSIC is happy to announce to re-release the long sold out debut album of german blitzbeat rockers 7ER JUNGS. The band already has a loyal following outside of germany and some of you might already have listened to working class anthems like “Skinhead Drinking Time”, “Stuka Löve”, their Split release with Oi! Classics THE OPPRESSED, or the catchy Split EP with US- Streetpunk heavy weights BONECRUSHER. Hailing from the Streets of Porz/Rhein 7ER JUNGS was founded in 2004 with a solid purpose: to play for the cause and subculture, not fame, mainstream pop business, inauthentic poser crap and not kissing #rse to make it “big”. Skinhead Rock n Roll ready to go – instead of being Skinhead for show! Even though 7er Jungs have released sold out records, played to large audiences in clubs and at festivals, they still remain loyal to their roots. This is not about making friends, this is not about shaking hands, no dogdy sell out- this is straight in yer face sound with lyrics held in german and english in the veins of first wave Oi! with a touch of Rock n Roll, provocation, and a few bitchslaps for those who deserve it. STEP 1 MUSIC now releases the first 12” album “One Pride fits All” on LP&CD including two previously unreleased BONUS TRACKS highlighted by a brandnew stunning artwork and a version of SLADE’s “Cum on fell the noise” that is totally killing it! Step-1 2016

Side 1
Kneipenschläger Rock ’n’ Roll
Schönstes Kind Der Stadt

Side 2
Skins Are Back
Mann der Spitze
We Salute The Skinheads
Nicht Weniger – Nicht Mehr
Bonus Songs
Ich Bin Kein Clown (Bonus)
Cum On Feel The Noize (Bonus)

Format : Limited 12" Vinyl
Pressing Details :
150 copies in Sauerkraut-Polka blasting Black,Red,Gold Mix
150 copies in red vinyl
100 copies black vinyl

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